Friday, December 8, 2017

Chocolate Dipped Clementines

~ Chocolate Dipped Clementines ~

Amidst all the Christmas busyness of making cards, preparing small homemade presents and snuggling up to go outside for the perfect greenery for wreaths, one can almost smell that Christmas is in the air ! 

We came up with this scrumptious little appetizer for the holidays! These fresh clementines go so well with dark chocolate ! It's a dream combination that you'll love !!!   They’re bright, citrusy and
deliciously creamy and they are fun to make !

In short : a treat that everyone will love !!!

What you will need :

 Yes, it's very easy ! Just two ingredients ! 

  • Three fresh clementines in segments
  • 60 gr. of your favorite dark chocolate ( min. 60 %)                  

Start by cutting or grating the chocolate  

Start heating a little chocolate fondue set with a little candle.

Now add the chocolate and wait until it melts.

Once the chocolate is melted we can start !

Now dip each clementine segment halfway into the chocolate.

You might have to use a teaspoon to carefully drizzle the chocolate over each segment.

  Now put each segment on a prepared sheet with parchement paper.

Put some coarse salt, coconut and cacao powder in separate dishes to sprinkle over the clementines before the chocolate hardens.

Now don't they look scrumptious already ?!

Let these petite delicacies harden for a few hours.
(if that's possible of course ! ;-))

We had some leftover chocolate and we just added some milk and warmed it until it was ready to drink!  

Who can resist a cup of hot chocolate?!? We can't ! 

Now snuggle up , with your cup of fresh cocoa and enjoy these little treats ! 

Love and Blessings,

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